Here is where anyone can post ideas for World of Tanks yes i know you can do that on the forums of World of tanks, but why not do it here specifically since its not copyright to do so! Mainly my idea is WarGaming should add a tank customization mode to make tanks and stuff idk why but people were saying oh if this happened no one would play random battles because my idea is teh only way they can modify specifics about there tank e.g: The engine you have to research that engine and buy it to add to the tank and the tank must have an engine,gun,track/suspension,ammo rack,fuel tank,and 2 crew (BARE minimum) and must have more then 3mm at all angles of armor! It seemed as if they didn't want creativity through making but creativity through strategy! some other things i suggested was: To have depending on what tank has what modules is what tier the tank is at e.g: you could have a strangly made tank with tier 1 tracks,engine,and radio but has a tier 5 gun then the tank would be tier 4 or 5 unless its a TD then it would be a tier 3 or 4! I hope many can agree with me on this suggestion because the only real way they could get silver was to play random battles. Other thing is the limitations on each tank they could build was: 2 guns maximum (only possible with low tier auto guns) 1 turret/gun 1 radio must ahve 2 set of tracks maximum 4 armor maximum: Hull: 210mm turret: 280mm!

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