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This topic is more towards people who play battleship craft and can show pictures of battleships they've built and stuff like that anything you want you can post here Rules: Cussing or inapropriatee pictures will be removed when seen!
 My best creation made this morning i call it the USD Hardship 19.3 a very long and hard ship to take out battleship info below:
Horse Power: 155104 HP
Speed: 30.1 knots
Shooting range: 15.8 km
strength: 16124.8 MW
Toughness: 4170.5 GJ
Armor: 913.1 MJ
Stablity: 76.0
Angle: 0 degrees

Displacement: 208410 t
Density: 0.4 Square/cm3
length: 460.0m
beam: 60.0m
Height: 62.4m
Draft: 14.0m
Sight: 28.2 km
Area: 18891.7  M2

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