First off will be battleship craft i have a mod that can be done on MAC or PC with just an application called iFunbox all you have to do is simple: Plug in your iDevice install iFunbox (Or do the other way around it doesnt matter) find teh folder on iFunbox on your device called applications find battleship craft go to documents find db. (thats teh only folder :/) replace the battleshipcraft.sqlite with the one taht u downloaded and you should have over 999.999.0K gold or so installed and 3 battleships NOTE: You might want to back up the old folder if you ahve any battleships incase the mod is broken, outdates or a fraud that goes for all the people with mods and hacked files! I will try and see if i can put teh mod folder in this if not then I idk how! But incase i idk how to out teh .sqlite folder to this website then youl know how to install future mods and hacked .sqlite files :)​ Click this to go to the link:Edit

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