One of my favourite games that i dont play much is called: Runescape iv'e played it since it came out of old BETA like my brother. This is the website link. The game is very fun in my oppinion it is an MMO RPG over the head view 3D gaming.

Another more recent favourite: Destiny for PS3 i used to play it and i still do at times first made in sometime in 2014 the game was and is still popular as millions play the game Team Chat was recently added for players that have MICS and can chat with there teamates on Destiny. Click here for the official game page:

Another is World of Tanks PC, Blitz (IOS) and xbox 360 edition: These are very fun WoT games made by WarGaming there are a few games made by Wargaming and tahts: World of Tanks, World of warplanes, and World of warships (Closed BETA) World of Tanks was the very first game they were working on as a game first seen in 2008 Very early World of Tanks ALPHA access was closed for testers. At teh time graphics werent very good, A very few tanks were in teh game such as the US, German, and USSR yech trees were available but in 2014/2015 they were having the best overhaul of graphics and data since the 8.0 update in early 2013. A new game mainly in alpha test is Generals WoT trading card game!

Another good game that i play at times is War Thunder: War Thunder is a physics simulator game and has been in open BETA since late 2012/early 2013 (as far as i know) Recently tehy added (steel generals) or known as the american tanks addition to the tech tree! The very first tier 1's were added December 16th 2014 added the: M2A1 stuart, M2 medium, AA (cant remember its name) the M3/M3A1 stuarts and finaly the M3 Lee, premiums were added a day later as the: M2A1 stuart first armoured division M3A1 first armoured division and the M3 Grant very first british medium tank! Click here for the website: click here for teh developers page and tehre games :

Others coming soon...

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